Choosing the Best Font for a Resume

When composing a resume, the font that you choose can make a huge difference in the impact it makes on a potential employer. Serif fonts are more formal, while sans-serif fonts are more contemporary. You should also decide on whether you want to use a wide or narrow font. The font size will also play a role in the readability of your resume.

Arial, a serif font, is a good choice for a resume.

This font is known for its natural and clean look, making it easy to read. It is also available in a narrow version, which gives you more room for text per line.

You may also like Verdana, which was designed to be easy to read on small computer screens.

best font for a resume

While choosing a font for your resume can be a challenge, it is crucial to remember that employers will scan your resume for as little as 20 seconds. In addition, recruiters spend hours reviewing and analyzing resumes, and choosing the right font and size for your resume is key to making a positive first impression. A good font shows your professionalism and makes your resume easy to read.

While this list is not exhaustive, it will help you choose a font that conveys professionalism and work ethic. Depending on your preferences, you can use one or a combination of different fonts. When it comes to size, a 12-point font is safest to use on a resume.

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