How Much Do Strippers Make?

There’s a lot of money to be made as a stripper, but the question is, how much do strippers really make? In fact, the answer depends on your location and how you market yourself. Strippers in bumfuck no-wheres aren’t likely to make very much money, but those in bigger cities can make a decent living. Some strippers are now getting more involved than just taking their clothes off.

In addition to being attractive, some strippers also make a lot of money. Many strippers make several thousand dollars in one night. However, to earn that much money, you need to work hard and learn the ropes. Being beautiful is only half the battle. You must have a lot of self-confidence and hustle to make it big in the stripping business. If you have all three of these traits, you can earn a great living as a stripper.

How Much Do Strippers Make

The amount of money a stripper makes is incredibly unpredictable, and can fluctuate dramatically from night to night. A dancer may make up to $500 per shift, or she might make $3. It’s never easy to predict what a dancer will make during a shift, but there have been cases of dancers making zero dollars for four hours. Ultimately, however, it all depends on the location and the time of the night.

One British study claims that one in four strippers are college graduates. Another study at the University of New Mexico found that women who were ovulating earned more than those who were on the pill. Critics scoffed at this study, claiming that women react differently to ovulation than men do. Nevertheless, many women do earn more than a lawyer or a doctor. It’s impossible to accurately calculate stripper salary because it fluctuates so much.


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