How Much Does McDonald’s Pay Their Cashiers?

How much does McDonald’s pay their cashiers? The average cashier earns R 2,887 a month in South Africa. This is about 29% less than the national average. If you want to become a cashier at McDonald’s, then read on. You’ll soon learn how much you can expect to make at McDonald’s. In South Africa, the average cashier salary is R 2,887 a month, which is much less than the national average.

While there are several ways to get paid at McDonald’s, most employees receive a temporary Visa card upon first hire. This card is loaded with a check from the company until they can set up direct deposit. The card works much like a bank card, and workers also receive paper checks. However, the fast food chain is gradually moving away from paper checks in favor of direct deposit. Additionally, employees are not paid at a set time every month; rather, pay is decided by the store.

While it is not possible to calculate the exact amount an employee will make in a McDonald’s store, you can find out the average weekly salary in advance. The average salary at McDonald’s is less than $400 per week. Part-time workers make less than that, but they are compensated based on hours worked. If you work fewer hours than full-time employees, you can expect to earn $15 an hour. You can even earn up to $20 a month if you become an in-store shift manager.


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