How Much Does the Air Force Pay?

If you’re wondering “How much does the Air Force pay?” you’re not alone. It’s the biggest military employer in the country, but did you know that the pay is not the same everywhere? Here’s the scoop on Air Force salaries by city. From the lowest-paid to the highest-paid, you’ll find the salary range for any Air Force position on ZipRecruiter. And you’ll be surprised to know that you can get a higher pay with just a few years experience.

How Much Does the Air Force Pay

The military pays you to earn are split into two parts: base pay and special pay. Base pay is the same across all branches of the Service, but increases are based on rank and time in the Service. The base pay featured here is a general idea of what most service members earn. Special pays are specific to certain occupations, such as aviation officers or hazardous duty. Some members may receive two or more special pay at the same time.

The Air Force has world-class insurance plans. Airmen can access excellent medical care, dental care, and life insurance for very low rates. The Air Force also takes care of many of the basic needs of its Airmen, including free, low-cost housing, and health care allowances. On-base housing expenses are covered, as is an equipment rental for the base. For those who live off base, a monthly tax-free housing allowance is provided.


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