How Much Does Uber Eats Pay?

One of the questions you may have is, “How much does Uber Eats pay?” In fact, the answer depends on the city you live in. For example, you might make more per mile in New York than you would in Fresno. You may also receive more money for completing “boost multipliers” – a food-related version of surge pricing. Uber Eats outlines these multipliers before accepting a ride. Once you’ve successfully completed the ride, you’ll get paid according to the multiplier.

How Much Does Uber Eats Pay

If you’re wondering how much Uber Eats pays, remember that the average Uber driver earns $15 per hour or more. Generally, drivers earn higher tips on the weekends because of higher order volume. Therefore, you’re best off working on weekends and taking off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to enjoy the boosting multiplier. If your hours are limited, you may consider working for Lyft or another food delivery service.

Tips from customers are also part of Uber Eats’ compensation package. Although most drivers don’t expect a tip, you can always ask your customer for one, as long as you are prompt. Uber Eats pays drivers 100% of their tips, but they should remember that they have to pay taxes on it. You can expect to make a nice sum from Uber Eats when you’re good at meeting deadlines and delivering your customers’ orders.

The rate of pay for Uber Eats drivers depends on many factors. The hourly rate is approximately $11 per hour after expenses, although it varies depending on the city and promotions. If you have an excellent driving record and are able to handle rush-hour jobs, you could make up to $43,778 in a year. You should also consider that the hourly wage for Uber Eats drivers can be anywhere from $8 to $12 per hour, depending on the city you live in.


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